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Why You Should Hire Us


"Our Star Advantage"

Security Back-Ground Checked

Privacy Best Practices

Insured to $3million Liability

FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Certificated (Licensed)​

  • Safety Focused

  • Customer Focused

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.  Have referral fees.

  • Have been flying manned aircraft for 30 years, professionally for 22 years.

  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificated (licensed).

  • Experienced with FAA rules, weather, controlled airspace, and working with air traffic control.

  • Understand video editing from the beginning to the end process -- key to keeping video interesting.

  • We use copyright free music.

  • Insured to $3 million in Liability Insurance through Global Airspace for all drones.

  • We are a small operation, so we're able to remain nimble, keeping a low overhead.  We are efficient but yet effective.

  • Easy to schedule, easy to pay.

  • Respectful of people's privacy concerns and operate within our Best Practices for Privacy.

  • Security Back-Ground Checked--has your drone pilot been through the same vetting as an airline pilot?  Airline pilots have been extensively back-ground checked by the TSA for terrorism, FBI for any criminal activity, US Customs, and the FAA.

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