Nine Reasons To Hire Us For Drone Flying:

When Weighing Your Options, Ask Yourself:

  1. Are they flying SAFE and within the LEGAL bounds of the FAA?  How much experience do they have operating in the National Airspace System?  In other words, do they fully understand flying, airspace, do they know the location of all of the airports, and the FAA rules.  We use strict checklists and call outs We are properly licensed for drone flying and have 25 years of flying airplanes, including 19 years of airline flying.  We are professional and well trained, technical and follow rules. We use a strict Safety Management System originally approved with our Section 333 Exemption from the FAA.  Another important they log everything?  The FAA wants logs of flight time, maintenance, and any reoccurring problems with a drone.  Does your drone operator maintain meticulous logs?  You should ask.  Because the Feds may ask.

  2. Do they fully understand WEATHER?  Flying, in any form, involves understanding weather.  Does your drone pilot know when and where to fly and not to fly?  Do they intimately understand and predict the weather?  As we all know around the Chicagoland Area, the weather can be a challenge sometimes.  After 25 years of flying aircraft in and around weather, Dennis has a complete understanding of weather and understanding how to forecast weather.

  3. Do they have liability INSURANCE?  We demonstrate our commitment and professionalism by going above and beyond with $3mil liability insurance.  

  4. PRIOR DRONE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE.  Has your drone operator been flying since the very beginning of FAA approved commercial drone operations in 2015?  Dennis previously was co-founder of another drone start up. He applied for and successfully received one of the first FAA Sec 333 exemptions for commercial drone operations.

  5. Highly vetted by TSA and airport security through numerous BACKGROUND CHECKS.  Because Dennis is an airline pilot, he has had to take part in several FAA, TSA, and FBI background checks well beyond the normal sUAS pilot. 

  6. EASY TO SCHEDULE / EASY TO PAY:  Click here to schedule your video experience.  We have a package deal for anyone wanting to sell a property that is fully edited and entertaining.  Easy online payment or pay in person with Square.

  7. (pending)ABLE TO FLY IN MORE PLACES DUE TO FAA WAIVERS:  we have unique FAA waivers—  able to fly in and around more places.

  8. TURN-KEY PROFESSIONAL VIDEO EDITING and DATA collection:  Directly connected with pro style video editing.  We provide the raw aerial footage…but that shouldn’t be the end of it.  Let us also fine tune your great images to make a professionally edited video & photos for your business or website or other promotion reason.  (pending)  We use DroneDeploy to provide aerial data collection.

  9. WE ARE STILL LEARNING:  we realize the amazing potential of this growing drone industry.  We also realize the changes that are occurring—we must still learn.  We debrief, we keep up to date with legal and industry changes, and we attend drone conferences to learn the latest.  We are experts and you should always feel free to contact us for any drone information we can provide.

Do they use extensive checklists, call outs, procedures, constant training/testing, keep flight logs of each drone?  Keep track of maintenance?  This is exactly how we do things with manned aircraft.  Does your drone operator have this safety mind-set?  Because this is exactly what the FAA wants to see.


Do you hire a photographer turned pilot, brand new to aviation, flying, weather, and FAA rules and regulations?  Or a pilot who already did video?  Which approach do you think is safest?

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