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Real Estate PACKAGES

(specializing in aerial photos and aerial/interior edited videos)


Package #1 = 5x edited aerial pictures (15min on site)


Package #2 = 15x edited aerial pictures

plus 1-2min edited aerial video with music (30 min on site)


Package #3 = 15x edited aerial pictures plus 2min edited aerial,

exterior, and interior video with music (1hr on site)

$350 (up to 3000sqft single family home)

$400 (up to 4500sqft single family home)

Package Corporate Real Estate = Aerial still pictures and video highlighting

corporate real estate.  Call for price!

Note:  Visual Observer (VO) added at additional cost for drone

flights near airports, at night, very cold conditions, near controlled airspace, or

other flights that might be tricky.

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