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Our Offer To Organizations:​

Hear our 20min presentation and get your

first drone mission FREE!  

Pick One FREE Mission (see value in Drone Rates):  

1)  Photo/Video/Inspection or

2)  Mapping / Infra-Red or

3) $100 off a Real Estate Package.

Great opportunity for you to learn more about drones and the drone industry with a focus on their potential, FAA rules, and our capabilities.  It's free and there is no obligation!  Pick either 1,2, or 3 (above) for a FREE mission per organization (organization examples:  construction company, developer, home inspectors, RE management company, parks department, fire department, bridge inspections, real estate agency, LE department, solar panels inspecion, S&R agency.)

Contact Us Today To Schedule Your Presentation!  Please email us: 1) why you

believe drones can help you, and 2) an estimate of how many hours/missions you might need drones per year.

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