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LiftedUp Productions®Inc

Why should I spend my money?\

--we are professionals, experienced, licensed, insured, have polices for privacy and we are detailed in your project.  You get our full focus during the project.  

--Also, we guarantee satisfaction and will follow up.

--if you fly less than our break-even (below) we are here to help!

—let’s create a value proposition

What is breakeven when using you? (below)

Do I need a commercial drone license (aka FAA Part 107 Certificate)?

--yes, even if money isn't exchanged (ie self employed).  The FAA views any use of drone that is not recreational/hobby, is therefore, commercial use.  Any use that is for commercial interests or the betterment of a business is considered commercial drone use.  You must have a Part 107 or it's a federal offense.

What areas of knowledge and understanding do you need to be a good drone cinematographer?

--drone regulations like FAA rules, airspace, city ordinances (ie Chicago)

--knowing what weather can you legally fly in

--video and photo editing

Why should I care if you have good drone insurance?

—some drone insurance have a history of not paying out. I’ve gone with an insurance company that is not cheap (“you get what you pay for”). Instead Global has been insuring manned aircraft, large and small, for ___ year’s. 

Why should I care if you follow Part 107 FAA rules?

—because it’s a federal crime if you don’t.  You don't want to be the one to set legal precedence. 

Why should I care if you have 2 drones?

—having a back-up drone is a great thing. Increases our capabilities and doesn’t ground your project if one drone decides to fail on that day.  Sometimes there are mechanical or firmware update issues.

Can’t I just use a hobbiest even though I’m not charging?

—nope. FAA views anything that isn’t recreational and is for any commercial interest (whether money is exchanged or not) to require a part 107 drone certificate or license. 

Who’s the Visual Observer?

—a person to help look for both airborne and ground threats to the safety of our operation (when needed)

What’s your speedy refund policy?

—if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll refund your money

Should I use a competitor?

—maybe, depending on your fit and needs

How long does it take to edit a project?

—depends on the project but 2 weeks on average and between 10-20hrs of editing

What drones do you use?

—DJI P4 and Yuneec H520

What cameras do you use?

—4K Video and 20mp pictures. Also IR camera avail. 

How much do you charge?

See pricing

Make a list of problems our service solves?

—turn key


--ting-video and photo edi


--IR services

Make a list of benefits our service gives?

Our Breakeven:  

considering our price point you would need to fly more than the hours below per year for it to make sense to buy your own drone.

DJI 4Pro  =  14hrs

Yuneec H520 =  30hrs

Our 2 drone ops (DJI+H520) =  40hrs

*why the H520 makes sense—affords additional capabilities with 6 prop (5 MotorFailsafe), interchangeable cameras (IR and 4K), ability to fly in very cold conditions (down to 14F) and fly in very windy conditions (up to 33kts or.  The H520 allows us to fly through the winter which the DJI P4 does not. 


If you need to fly more than the breakeven above then it doesn’t make sense to hire us.   You should buy, get your Part 107 Commercial Drone Certificate, and operate your own drone.  If you fly less, than we’re here to help.

*the above price point includes edited pictures, mapping, IR camera, and night Waiver. 


Speedy Refund Policy (most generous refund policy you’ve ever heard of).  If you are not completely satisfied we will refund entire cost of your production.


Call me —I’ll give you advice, even if it is to a competitor.

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