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The potential for invasion of privacy is forever present with drone flying.  We have a duty to act responsibly, and so we will ensure images and data captured are treated in an appropriate manner.


LiftedUp Productions will do the following to mitigate invasion of privacy during drone operations:


    • Give appropriate notice whenever possible.  Notice can be in person, by mail, email, or other means appropriate to the mission.  Most attention to notification will be given to people/property that will be within 150ft vertically and horizontally of operating drone.

    • Have a Written Policy to share by person, mail, email, and posted on website

    • We plan our flight to make sure to avoid, where possible, collecting unnecessary data.

    • We have a talent / likeness release form available to actively gain consent from affected party

    • We offer email link on website to express privacy concerns.

During Mission


  • We don’t intentionally harass or disturb people

  • We do our very best to be neighborly and be responsible for other peoples privacy.  

  • We don't collect unnecessary data

  • We always fly in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Laws.

  • In populated areas we will place a sign saying “drone ops in progress, please stand back”

  • We avoid people and if we record people inadvertently, attempt to keep our distance, if possible, by flying at a higher altitude.

  • We conduct a privacy impact assessment during flight planning

Post Flight

    • We carefully assess any data to be distributed or published in any manner for any material that may cause offense, be sensitive or harmful in nature or violate a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy

    • Share data that is necessary to complete the contract

    • Where necessary, make the recipient aware of any data that may be sensitive or harmful in nature or violate a person’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

    • In cases where the sharing of such data may be necessary to complete a contract, seek specific, written approval from any after party prior to sharing

Company Policies and Procedures

    • Disposing of data when no longer required

    • Deleting sensitive data if reasonably requested to do so


Definition of Data:  photographs, video, images, mapping imagery and any other material.

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